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Launched 13th June 2006

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Internet Detective has been created as part of:


The Intute Virtual Training Suite - a national JISC service for UK universities and colleges offering over 60 free web-based tutorials teaching Internet research skills. (This service was formerly known as the RDN Virtual Training Suite)


The LearnHigher Project - a partnership of 16 Universities forming a HEFCE-funded Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).

With additional funding from:

The HE Academy Subject Network for Information and Computer Sciences

Project Team

The tutorial has been created in partnership between:

ILRT Intute staff at the Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol:
  • Emma Place, University of Bristol
  • Debra Hiom, Service Manager, Intute: Social Sciences
  • Paul Smith, Web Developer and Project Manager, Intute Virtual Training Suite
  • Ben Joyner, Web Designer, Internet Development Group
  • Paul Ayres, Online Information Specialist, Intute: Social Sciences
  • Anne Manuel, Online Information Specialist, NCESS
MMU LearnHigher staff at the Department of Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University:
  • Margaret Kendall, Senior Learning and Teaching Fellow
  • Helen Booth, Research Associate

Tutorial software:

The tutorial has been built using EELS, an online tutorial delivery system developed by Simon Price and Paul Smith at ILRT, University of Bristol.

Thanks go to:

Marianne Peereboom at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands) who helped write the original tutorial.


This is the third edition of Internet Detective, published in March 2006.

It is a complete re-write of the second edition. Although the main aim and learning objectives are similar the content has been completely revamped to reflect the changes seen in the Internet in recent years and the emerging issues relating to its widespread use in further and higher education.

The first edition was published in May 1998 and the second edition in July 1999. Both of these were produced by the DESIRE Project with funding from the European Union, under the Telematics for Research, Fourth Framework Programme.

Acceptable use

Internet Detective has been developed to benefit the higher and further education community in the UK. It may be freely used for non-commercial academic and research purposes in the UK and elsewhere.

Any other use is prohibited without the prior permission of the copyright owners, ILRT, University of Bristol and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Suggested Citation

Place, E., Kendall, M., Hiom, D., Booth, H., Ayres, P., Manuel, A., Smith, P. (2006) "Internet Detective: Wise up to the Web", 3rd edition, Intute Virtual Training Suite, [online]. Available from:

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